About me

Hey all, here’s a bit about me. I’m a 23 year old Christian, and I hold to a philosophy of critical realism. Theologically, I am nondenominational. I’ve recently been accepted to a strong Ph.D. program in Psychology, and will begin this Fall. Currently, I also help as a research assistant in the department of psychology at two different schools.

Metacognizant is somewhat of a word that I’ve invented. Metacognition literally means “thinking about thinking,” or, “knowing about knowing.” What it implies is that one knows how they think, and can thus adjust their study or reading habits to optimize learning. The suffix “zant” is added to cognition to make cognizant, which means, “one who thinks,” (or, “one who is cognitive”) and so I’ve attached it as a suffix to metacognition, to mean “one who thinks about thinking.” I think that fits my abstraction fairly well. I hope you enjoy my blog.