Neuroscience and Free Will: An Update

by metacognizant

Hi everyone, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been ridiculously long since I’ve put up an entry. There are a few reasons why. First, I’ve been very busy with school; I took the GRE on the twentieth (and I did very well, thank goodness), and I hardly had any time to sleep with the workload I had. Second, I realized that I want to bolster my graduate school resume, and so I’ve decided that I’m going to rescind my multiple part blog entry on free will. I got the ok to write my thoughts on free will for a school assignment. After I finish with the paper, I’m going to submit it to an undergraduate neuroscience research journal. Once it gets accepted, I’ll link to it here for everyone to read. There’s another paper I wrote that should be getting accepted pretty quickly, and I’ll link to it here once it does.

With that said, you probably shouldn’t expect too much to be written for this blog until school’s done (at the end of April). I only have this last semester left to write research papers as an undergraduate, and I want to churn out as many as I can to strengthen my graduate school resume. I’ll link to anything I complete as it’s finished, but most substance on this blog will be postponed until May.

Thanks for your patience.