Sorry for the inactivity as of late.

by metacognizant

Some of you have probably noticed that I have hardly been blogging at all since school began. Part of this is because I had a presentation worth 15% of my grade only a week after school began (I got a 98%, if you’re curious, and the presentation was on Jonathan Edwards). Another part of this is simply that I’ve been utterly slammed by homework; I forgot how busy school gets. I’ll admit, I probably won’t have much time to post many entries during school–especially on subjects that I care about being thorough when discussing, such as nonviolence and the Bible.

However, I will try and post interesting school assignments on this blog. I have three research papers for writing-intensive courses this semester, and two of those papers should be extremely interesting. One of them–a paper that I have brewing in my mind for my Theories of Counseling class–has such an interesting topic that my professor told me if I write the paper itself well she’d like me to present it to a research symposium that my university will be hosting in March.