Random perspectives.

by metacognizant

So lately I’ve been thinking.. It’s only recently that I’ve begin to wonder about the “big stuff,” stuff like what consciousness is, stuff like attempting to synchronize cosmology from both a theology and a scientific standpoint, and stuff like whether or not others perceive the world in the same way I do. Certainly these are ridiculously large questions, and they are questions that I do not intend on even beginning to explain my current theories on in just one blog. However, I have began to wonder, to what degree do most other individuals think about these things?

Personally, in the past I have put these questions aside. When faced with one of these questions, I would dismiss it, put the question down as pointless, or otherwise rid it from my mind, but it would eat at me even if I refused to admit it. I’d like to think that answers to some of these “big questions” are sought after by most people, but is that the case? Are they even big questions to most other people?

My desire for knowledge and answers seems to be spontaneous but also unrelenting. It seems like the more I know, the more I wonder. Often when I’m talking to someone, half of me is focused on the conversation, but the other half of me is trying to dig deep into them; trying to gain their perspective. I try to put myself in their shoes, to ask myself if based on their circumstances, how I’d react. However, I think that I dig a little deeper than most people. I’ll analyze silly little behaviors like their daily habits, or even what they’ve eaten during the day (such as a bunch of seeds, which have tryptophan and can increase serotonin, leading to a calmer mood). I feel invasive sometimes, but I can’t get myself to stop. Perception and its possible relativity is too deep for me to ignore it now that I’ve been exposed to significant questions about it.

Once again, then, how much do others think about this kind of stuff? Am I a little late in developing this kind of thinking, therefore making its sudden appearance a sort of a shock, or am I just a little odd? Maybe I just shouldn’t worry about this stuff past midnight..